Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Brother

So my brother recently torn his Achilles tendon and he will be out for awhile . Which means no flying. I know that must be hard for him , it would be like me breaking my right wrist and not being able to draw for a long period of time, thought of not being able to do what I love is rather scary.

I don't get to see my brother as much as I'd like to , I almost forgot what he looks like at times , luckily he looks exactly like me lol . Funny how a person who is never around can have such an impact on your life, and a positive one at that. So I decided to do a sketch of my brother , he is such an inspiration and I would count myself lucky to be half as successful as he is. Get well soon bro . Much love!!


Karissa said...

That's a pretty tight picture Kalen! Love to you and Kelii!

Foundation Christian Fellowship said...


Great drawing. You have been gifted! I wish I had half the talent that all of my children have.



Ms. Robinson said...

Hope you received security clearance to reproduce his image! Amazing work as always.