Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rear-view Nights

Rearview Nights from kalen chock on Vimeo.

here we are again . so many things have happened since 2012 and I cant even begin to write it all out. Learning a lot about my art , myself , and what it is important to my success and most of all my happiness. I can admit that when I was on my art grind I made a lot of sacrifices, being a good friend , being a good son , being a good bf. Looking back at those moments I realized I could balanced those things in my life better. I hope thats something I can improve on in the future 
2015 I think may be a big a year , only time can tell . But this video is a compliation of random memories throughout my life. Looking back at it I cannot stress how lucky and grateful I am to have the opportunities presented before me : )