Monday, April 27, 2009

: )

Been really down in my art of lately, Im not exactly sure why. Probably seeing all these dope artist own me everyday gets me a bad mood lol

Decided to take a look at zhanglu's ish and got really inspired. Of course I am also usually inspired by dope life drawing artists like edgar , teresa , charles , kevin , sergio . All those guys make me want to life draw all day . I want to post some life drawing in the near future , but I gotta do some stuff worth posting!

Anyways I painted this I learned a GREAT DEAL , like one of those moments of clarity where things all of a sudden make sense lol , its hard to explain but I think other artists know what I am talking about. Anyways Enjoy, more concepts to come, probably environments and some textures since I have been saying I am going to do textures and never do them. I wish I could post the textures from work lol .

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Stefanie Huynh said...

Wooooo! I love it! :D You are an inspiration, my dear!