Friday, April 24, 2009

Environment Studies

Some thumbnail demos I did for some friends of mine for the epic juice project . I usually never demo but I learned a lot while trying to explain my process . I don't like any of them . But I will upload better ones soon


le'Jean said...

Man, you`ve been leveling a lot these days man. These are all nice comps. One thing that might help is if you add a darker value to the foreground to push the distance further. Though Im sure you know already as youve shown that in your others bg concepts. Look forward to more man!

-Kalen Chock- said...

yeah thanx man! yeah I was kind of nervous during the demo and made a lot of mistakes , but i plan on taking one of these to a rendered finish in the near future so keep on the look out . How r things with you!! , man i wanna go to japan so badly one of these days

Anonymous said...

dude these feel a lot stronger than some of the recent more rendered pieces above ^

I think you have a solid contrast in values, try to push contrast in another area as well, like hue contrast or warm/cool.

moar gradients :P