Thursday, May 17, 2012



is dedicated to anyone who has ever followed their dreams, to anyone who has ever taken a chance

In late 2010 I accepted a job as a concept artist at a local game company in Madrid,Spain. Not knowing much about the company or the people I decided to take a chance and go. Leaving behind my fellow artists , friends , family , and dance community I boarded a plane with 2 suitcases not sure when I would be coming back . From learning a new language , to getting accustomed to different cultures , everyday presented not only a new challenge, but a new opportunity to better understand myself and my art. From Morocco to Paris I was blessed with the opportunity of traveling and learning from others who also shared my passion in art.

From gaining new friends that have become family to losing a 3+ year relationship with the person I thought was the one, my journey abroad was one of the most enjoyable and also one of the hardest times I ever experienced in my life. But above all else, it was also the most memorable. As Artist we struggle make things that are unforgettable. As I continue to learn about myself and my art. I hope that one day when people talk about the greats, that you may one day think of me.

So to everyone that has been a part of my journey thus far this video is dedicated to you, and I hope that one day you too will have your unforgettable experience

-kalen chock-

Music: "Best Day Ever" -Mac Miller , "Dear Professor"-Dean's List , "Numbers" - Logic
Camera- Canon Vixia HD , Canon t2i, Tamron .


hawthornearts said...

Truly inspirational.
I believe you definitely will be one of the greats in the not so distant future

estevaolucas said...

very nice video man! And very good work! I'd like to keep contact with you! cheers.

Anonymous said...

wooow man¡¡¡

Paul Richards said...

What a video. ¡Qu√© vida! Stay on your path, Kalen; it's truly righteous.

Kalen Chock said...

thanks everyon for the kind words , estevaolucas , let us keep in touch !! : )

Kalen Chock said...

paul thanks for being a huge inspiration in my life , your work has always pushed me to get better , and your words of wisdom have really helped me to push through some of most difficult times in my life . For that I will always be grateful!

Joe Tirasuwan said...

Your story is truly an inspirational for me. I'm currently also chasing my dream to be a concept artist myself. I'm away from home and my country for 9 yrs now. I will be graduated from animation/illustration major next year and dont know if I would get a job here in the State or I will have to go back to my country. Hopefully my dream will come true like yours! Thank you for posting your awesome paints and the video!

Kalen Chock said...

hey joe , thanks for your kind words. I really hope you reach your goals in your career. I am sure you will! it is only a matter of time! I am glad i could provide some inspiration!!! keep working hard