Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So We only have 4 days left on our Dust Project at Kick starter and we are very close. Remember if we don't hit our goal then we get nothing!

So please donate and spread the word if you can. Every little bit helps : )
you can donate here

Since Ember Lab posted the concepts on their fb page

I figured Id post the concepts here too, it was really cool to see the concepts built in real life!

 Anyways these concepts were designed for the main character Irezumi. The front is the store in which he sells all kinds of things found on his travels, while the back is his room in which he sleeps/lives


Anonymous said...

Awesome work guys! DUST looks like a fantastic film. All the very best for the remainder of the production. I cant wait to see it!


Kalen Chock said...

holy omfg@&$&@@!!!!!!! wayne haag just commented on my work!!!!!

seriously you are one of my favorite artists , your sky burial piece is my current desktop!!

it is such an honor to hear that u like it and I am even more pumped to put out awesome work,

i am not even sure how you came across the film!!

anyways thank you thank you thank you!!