Saturday, May 21, 2011

So I finally got my computer set up , I am surprised it made it through the long plane ride. Everything seems to be in order so I did a quick painting test to make sure everything is good before I start taking on any freelance.

Anyways This took about 4 hours total in CS5 , it was all done with one chalky brush and some custom shape tools. It was only when I was about 90% done with that I began to add photo texture in the foreground.

I usually add photo textures in the middle or beginning , so this was a different way of approaching it. I will try more tests . Ill try to do some live stream tests to as well. Make sure everything is working on that end . Anyways , thanks for looking


PEDRO NUĂ‘EZ said...

Your work is also great!
Thanks for your compliments, I'm still working for Mercury Steam so we could definitely meet some time to share stuff.



-Kalen Chock- said...

thank you for your compliments as well . Yeah I just moved here from the states , My spanish is not that great but I am practicing . Also my friend edgar is working at virtual toys too as a concept artist. He is really good too.

Just look for Edgar Cardona on my blog

Its cool you have Carlo Arellano and Nathan Fowkes on your blog , I have taken classes from those guys , they are super talented

anyways I hope we all can draw together . Your company has some talented people!!

MAKS-23 said...

Hey man saw ur stuff on deviant decided to come over to see your blog and i just love the environments that you do , love epic-al scene scale and atmosphere stuff like you do trying to get to that when i have time uni work taking up alot of my time havent digitally painted in awhile

k04sk said...
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-Kalen Chock- said...

i aprreciate the kind words maks-23 . I saw some of your 3d-renderings , man those are cool!!

eilidh said...

Beautiful work! The mountain has a crystal-like feel to it. I'm surprised you said you used a chalk brush, as the whole look of the painting is very crisp.