Friday, June 19, 2009

Something Different

A lot of ups and downs this past week . Got some inspiration from hip hop, body rock, gobelins , Edgar , Rejean , aj , just sat down and starting painting . I love the islands of Seychelles , they are sooo beautiful . I will vacation there someday!!


Delvolta said...

totally has a kung fu panda fell. i like it.

Nino said...

like the water a lot

le'Jean said...

This is wicked man! I love rock/island type backgrounds. Great idea to leave the bg white, gives lots of attention to the beautiful foreground. Comp rocks too.
Inspiration really works in a circle cause this is bringin me lots.

Thanks for sending me that link. Animation and BGs are ridiculous! Im definitely gettin high of that!

Gera3d said...

Super Cool. I like how simple the concept is. All the white space helps me to zero in on the tree rock and water. Great job.