Monday, June 1, 2009

Lunch Break Practice

Did a little painting from photo ref during my lunch break today. I should probably start taking advantage of the whole cyntiq thing at work and do more lunch break paintings more often. Always learning a lot about color. Like I said not enough time in the day. Took me about an hour at work then touched for a half hour at home. Oh yeah go see "UP" that movie is friggin amazing!! : )


le'Jean said...

That is sic! I love the comp on this. The cast shadow with the lit waterfall is boss.
I want to see UP so bad. Comes out Dec 19 in Japan:(

le'Jean said...

Zuul... man, its been so long since I heard that word! Nostalgic.
Been good here. This new job is kickin my ass. Well, its mainly 3 hours I spend on the train each day. Cuts way into my time. Its been a while since I traveled in Japan.
If you come, you'll return with a hella amount of inspiration!
What have you been up to man?

Sean Evans said...


Anthony Jones said...

pretty love the colors!

Nino said...

mmmm, fountain of milk. too bad im lactose... =/