Friday, July 24, 2009

Mirror's Edge

Some stuff I did awhile ago at Work. Our Company was doing a pitch to try to get the rights to do a Mirrors Edge i-phone game. We never got it, but I remember it was first time someone relied on me to do a character illustration. It was kind of scary , but it came out rather well. Did some quick thumbnails and jumped right in. Granted I learned a great deal since then so I don't like it. Then again I am never Really satisfied haha

© 2009 Crazy Pixel Flashman EA

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lunch Break Sessions

Did an original speed paint but didn't like. So I worked on this during my lunch breaks at work this week. Learned a good deal about my painting abilities. I miss environments and got re inspired.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Freestyle and Foolishness

I was going to live stream this but the geniuses over at that site never thought to make the program for mac (I mean c'mon most macs come with built in cameras, how could you not make it for a mac) However they are making it for mac so I just gotta wait, I may try to live stream at school when it opens or at work .

Got inspired by some stock photography and ghost in the shell . Since school has been closed I have been forced to paint at home which I don't like . However , I am getting rather used to it. Been kind of working out like crazy of late because I am so out of shape. Sometimes I get so into art I forget to eat and practice unhealthy habits. So I need to find a good balance. Anyways these late night painting sessions have been rather good for me though, I am learning a lot.