Monday, August 25, 2014

Confidence with Color

Released a new gumroad tutorial for beginners. Explaining how to gain a little more confidence in colors. Very brief 2 hour video. I hope you like it : )



Rali Van Minks said...

Hi Kalen,

First off, thank you for the great gumroad videos, I really love the way you explain things and looking forward to your future ones. I feel like I'm learning so much - the great music in the background is another plus.

I was curious about your "approaching studies" vid - you mention it was done for your students. Is it the mentorship program or the Intro to Perspective course at CGMA 2D Academy? Or something entirely different? :)


Kalen Chock said...

Hey Rali . Thanks again for the kind kind words :) . My approaching studies vid was for a background design class that I do at a local art college.

the cgma class that I do is actually a combination class with derek kosal. He handles the lectures . I handle the critiques


Rali Van Minks said...

Cool! I hope I get a place on one of those, unless by then you get your own thing going at CGMA - or if the mentorship program is still available in the near future. Seems like CGMA is a good place to opt for, but maybe the mentorship option is also a great one to consider. :)

Either way, I'll keep an eye on fb for any exciting news. Keep up the awesomeness and thanks once again for the (indirect) motivation! :)

Kalen Chock said...

do not think I will get my own cgma anytime soon , just because you have to be REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD and popular . I am not that popular.

as for mentor-ships I will probably do a environment mentor-ship with Anthony Jones again in January . I am still working on the structure of the course. its definitely a learning process , but yeah be on the look out!!