Thursday, August 16, 2012

My First Digital Paintings

So ever since my recent DD and the announcement of my job I have been getting a lot of questions of my journey , how I have arrived to where I am at, what did I study etc etc

well truth be told I don't have an answer for I cannot remember most of it , But all I can say is


The posted paintings were from my very first AND ONLY digital painting class in January 07 with Mike Tracy himself. I passed with a C+ . I thought I was good back then too hahaha

So how do we reach that new level when we don't know where to start or even which direction to go , or even worse we cannot see the destination ?

My advice is just start moving , eventually you will figure it out , and if your lucky you will meet people along the way that may or may not point you in the right direction. But chances are any problem you have hit in your art , someone else has encountered the problem too , and they are probably willing to share how they dealt with it ;)

So I posted this for few reasons

1. I personally don't care if people know that I sucked ( even now I still have so much to learn)

2. To show you that we all have to start from somewhere

3. To show you that anything is achievable if you work hard and dedicate yourself to it. I really believe that. So if you are not where you want to be , keep moving forward ;)



Erik Ly said...

Thanks for the inspiration man! :j

Jose Pedro del Teso said...

Wise and inspiring words, Kalen. Looking forward to seeing you keep growing :)

Rena Cheng said...

thanks for the post, Kalen! it makes me believe that i, too, can achieve my goals in the end :)

GDavis said...


Lonnie E. Harrison said...

your the man kalen :)these are words to live by!

Lonnie E. Harrison said...

dude words to live your life by you are the man kalen chock :)