Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post Comic-Con Study

Comic-Con was a blast , Shout outs to Anthony Jones to introducing me to so many cool people , I got sit at dinner table with some of the industry's greats . I met a lot of cool people and left inspired

I was lucky enough to get my ass kicked by Robh Ruppel at his booth. Some of the stuff he said when critiquing my stuff really challenged the way I think.

He emphasized being able to break down complex things to its simplest forms, and also remember what exactly am I trying to convey and that if I keep that in mind , that my process will build around it.

When trying to do this my mind really hurt ( like literally it gave me a headache) . 1. because i felt so slow doing it 2. Because it requires me to really understand what im doing and not just pushing paint around.

However , as I slowly began to finish the painting , I really began to see the value in all of it. It is hard as hell to do , but it really inspired me to take my stuff to the next level. Fundamentals


Mattieau said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time :) Foundation is key. Keep at it, you're already well on your way.

Victor Mosquera said...

I've just found your blog! amazing work man. really inspiring! it shows that you work really hard. :)

looking forward to see more of your work.