Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Round 2

So furthering my exploration of Robh's approach to painting , I have found some interesting things about it that I think are quite efficient. I am not sure how to put it all in words. But it is definitely putting me outside of my comfort zone.

So I included the intial block out. This is actually kind of where I spend the most time thinking. It kind of hurts my head to think about all the shapes and how lighting affects it. Its kind of like being a mathematician . However, When I did get past that particular part . Everything felt rather easy and relaxing to do. I will have to do more studies of this. Any way's enjoy


Sean Thurlow said...

Nice Painting Kalen! Shapes do wonders man.

Chun Lo said...

This looks great man! Gotta explore me some custom shapes.

Chingyi said...

I agree, but don't you just love shapes? :)

Higgins said...

yeah man I'm diggin it