Saturday, November 5, 2011

Themed Paintings - ( Under the Sea )

So on James Paick's blog he speaks about the different themes one can paint for environmental concept art. So I have decided that each day I will try to bust out 3 - 5 paintings for that particular theme ( I know he can do 5 in a day , I am not that fast .... at least not yet)

Something that I started is that I work on each painting in 20 minute intervals , and I put an online timer on my other screen. When I see that time winding down I force myself to be bolder with my decision. As soon as it hits 20 minutes I start a new painting and I keep rotating. So I kept each one of these to 2 hours a piece. However, before all this I gather some reference and spend about 20 minutes doing rough sketches on pen and paper before jumping to digital. I will be doing more tests on this and themes. Next theme is cliffs.



Stacy LeFevre said...

I love these, Kalen! Can't wait to see more!

Kalen Chock said...

THANKS STACY !!!!! you are stef are the ones who make me feel like i don't suck hahaha