Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Morocco and Friends

This last week, Paul Richards came to visit us in Madrid. Such an honor to have such a skilled artist.

During that week we took a trip to Tangier, Morocco. We were extremely blessed to have met some fellow artists through the Deviant Art community that drove 6 hours out of their way just to come meet up with us and show us their country. It was gr
eat to experience their culture and also life as they know as concept artists. I was able to visit the beautiful country side city ofChefchaouen (Known for its beautiful blue buildings, if you have never seen you must google it).

There is no doubt I would have not been able to experience such a beautiful city had it not been for them. So this painting is dedicated to them , Thanks for the experience guys

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Edward said...

Yeah man this rocks! =) Would be great to see their DA's =) Have a good one man, totally inspiring works, blowing me away at every piece...... =)