Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Splurge Break Session

Done between lunch breaks on and off for about a week or so . I kind of hate taking so long on a piece ( its probably the concept artist in me telling me to get it done and crank it out) . But on this one I took my time and really tried to enjoy myself and life how it came out. No expectations kind of thing.

A little inspired off of Guild Wars 2 stuff , would be such a cool game to work . One can dream I suppose.

Pictures from Portugal Coming Soon!!




Wayne B. Medina said...

Awesome awesome piece bro! Wish I was by that waterfall. Hope all is well my friend

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

great blog

JJ said...

Incredible work man!

Anonymous said...

I really, really enjoyed this. The humor works brilliantly, and the animation is much better than I had imagined. The way you have “blended” (hehe) it all together makes this look like a solid, whole product, as good as any Pixar short. Probably better. But then again: That’s my opinion.
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