Thursday, September 23, 2010

Uncharted Redesign

So my past couple of images is an Uncharted Redesign that I am working on. There is no reason for it. I just love the game and wanted to try my own take on it.

Ne ways enjoy. There is more to come. I have few more concepts to do then Drake will move on to a different part of the world. I am thinking Egypt!


Charlène Le Scanff said...

I love your light using! This picture is wonderful.

-Kalen Chock- said...

oh snap! I didn't know you watched my work. lolol I feel so honored. Thanks for the kind words , your work is amazing by the way. I wanna buy your book but I don't know where I can get it!

Charlène Le Scanff said...

Hehe, impossible to buy it, I only have three artbooks like that... (it was for the diploma!)
Thanks for the compliments and keep it up, that's cool you share with us your amazing concept arts !

-Kalen Chock- said...

well if you ever make more of those books i totally want 1 hehe. anyways i love your style keep it up!