Friday, July 24, 2009

Mirror's Edge

Some stuff I did awhile ago at Work. Our Company was doing a pitch to try to get the rights to do a Mirrors Edge i-phone game. We never got it, but I remember it was first time someone relied on me to do a character illustration. It was kind of scary , but it came out rather well. Did some quick thumbnails and jumped right in. Granted I learned a great deal since then so I don't like it. Then again I am never Really satisfied haha

© 2009 Crazy Pixel Flashman EA


le'Jean said...

Awww man your soo lucky! I love that game! I really hope they sequalize it. Sucks you guys didnt get the rights to it.

These are some bomb ass sketches of Faith man! No need to be afraid man, I think you did her justice.

Shawn said...

Those sketches are kick-ass man. I have that messenger bag LOLZ keep up the good stuff!

Nophantomsallowed said...

i think a mirror's edge iphone game IS coming out though