Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Head in the clouds

Ill be uploading some game textures soon ! I have been doing freelance so I haven't been around as much . I gotta finish up that environment . characters for boogiezone . weekly environment battles !! So many things to do but not enough time in the day .

Doing freelance the other day and then I got tired and decided to draw my gf in a cartoony style. She can be quite easily amused at times so I was pretty much laughing the entire time I was painting this . Ne ways I love her to death . She still hasn't drawn me yet !! lol jk


Gera3d said...

This would make a cool background for an iPhone or a G1.

Stefanie Huynh said...

Ah sorry!! Lol, I gotta finish my girls and then I'll finally get to you....<333
I love this!! xD you got my expression spot on. Except, those darn rock lee eyebrows lolol

Stephen Oakley said...

This is nice.