Monday, January 12, 2009

Environment Break

So finally school is open again . So i got to go in and finally do work . I have a dope computer at home . But I usually don't concentrate all that well . I've been working on freelance for Nino all morning . So I decided to take a break and do a quick environment . Took me about 3 hours !!! only because photoshop cs4 here keeps crashing every 15 mins!! How lame is that!!? I think it may have to do with my brushes . So I painted pretty much like 3 times . But again I learned somethnig so it's all good . Enjoy


le'Jean said...

This is hella badass man. Diggin the strokes and atmosphere. Your really improving fast!

-Kalen Chock- said...

lol thanx man . Don't tell me that tell me I suck so I strive to get better lol . I need to catch up on your characters yo . I am actually doing some for somebody else I will show them to you soon . Ill see you in the enviro battles

Sunle said...