Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time To Stop Sucking

Well I finally finished my portfolio show . It was nice to get some decent responses to my artwork . I'm ok with where I am at after 9 months , but I know the bar is much much higher than where I am at . Finally with school over I can focus everything on my art without being distracted by scripting classes or character animations classes , or even g.e. classes ( not that they are bad things , just not what I want to do) . Noticed a lot of people were in need of storyboard artists . So for the next few months I will be focuses on story boards . I know I can do it , just got to get back into it . I am going to buy a few books on it tomorrow and get cracking . I'll have lots of time to draw on the plane ride to Germany . So it time to stop sucking and get better . Graduation Ends . Now my Journey Begins . Watch Out!!

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Shawn said...

I DON'T LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING MR. KALEN CHOCK! oh what the hell it's reading my gmail account.